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We are 434 Marketing. We are a creative agency that uses traditional marketing services like print, video and web to tell brand stories. Then, we use more innovative methods like data science to make sure those stories get heard by exactly the right people.

Think of us as problem solvers. We won’t make you fit into a specific service just to increase our bottom line. Rather, we’ll adapt and shift so that our end product is delivering on your goals. Call it agility, call it flexibility. We call it being good at our jobs.

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what we do


The strategy team is who you need in your corner when you need to prove measurable results to your CEO. They have spent collective decades learning, creating, analyzing (and sometimes failing) and have found one thing to be true: No business is the same. We’re not here to give you a repeatable marketing strategy that we could also give to the neighborhood coffee shop, or even to your competitors. We’re here to assess your specific business, your unique audience, your revenue goals and your brand value, and we’ll come up with a plan just for you.

content marketing

Marketing has to be adaptive today, and content is no exception. When you think of web content, what worked 5 years ago would never work today in terms of getting your business recognized by search. Even what worked six months ago won’t be as effective. You need a team that is malleable and that is always on top of the changing search landscape. We’re not going to promise you that you’ll be “first on Google”, but we will promise you content that is authentic, targeted, purposeful and effective.


We’re past the point of proving the value of a website. Everyone knows that they’re important—not just for search, but for brand reach, customer education and, sometimes, revenue growth. Rather, we want to talk with you about why all websites aren’t created equal and why it’s important to build a website that’s scalable and set up for search. We know your audience is going to be searching for you online. The key is making sure your brand is clear when they find you.

when you need everything

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of everything. If you don’t have the budget to hire an in-house marketing team, or you realize your marketing resources would be better applied elsewhere, you’ve come to the right place. We have a team of talented marketers and creatives who are task-driven and will help you execute on your marketing strategy. From social media content and blogs to photography and video, our team can take care of it.

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