Get to know our experienced and professional crew.

Meet the awesome crew at 434 Marketing – where exceptional work begins with exceptional people! Committed to excellence, our team embodies a culture dedicated to energizing projects and delighting clients, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes. With a vision focused on pioneering people-first website experiences, we leverage data-driven strategies and adaptability to empower others in their digital journeys.

Picture us as guardians of time and resources, treating every project as if it were our own precious investment. Our goal? To lead the charge in crafting websites that truly prioritize people, while also sharing our savvy strategies to help others achieve success. Plus, we’re big on transparency, curiosity, and fostering a strong sense of community – because building genuine connections and keeping things professional is just how we do business.

Jennifer Slightham

Co-Founder and CEO

Dustin Slightham

Founder, Strategic Advisor

Joshua Payne

Senior Web Manager

Brianna Arnold

Content Manager

Isabel Descutner

Project Coordinator

Kristina Smith


Ashlyn Grishaw

Content Designer

Joelle Inpyn

Admin Assistant