Work with a team that takes care of the details.

The internet is a big place, and it gets larger every day. Connecting with users in the ever-changing digital landscape is more of a priority than ever — and your website is the foundation of your digital presence. With 434, you can get a new website without the guesswork. 

Our design and development team will customize an on-brand, engaging, mobile-ready website that’s built with your user’s ideal buying journey in mind. It’s a bold claim, but it’s one we stand by because before we ever start designing, we’re equipped with all the insights we unearthed during discovery. 

  1. We start by identifying your ideal user flow.
  2. Then, we brainstorm what elements your home page needs to kick-start your users’ buying journeys.
  3. From there, we move into mid-fidelity wireframes.
  4. Next on the docket — high-fidelity design.
  5. Then, we’ll code in our proprietary blocks system.
  6. And finish the project by laying out your content for you.
  7. Last, but certainly not least, we will reveal the final product — ready to go live!

This process might seem like a lot, but we’re with you every step of the way. We know that a website rebuild is a big project, and when someone trusts us with such an important initiative, we take that seriously. Our goal is for you to walk away with a beautiful, effective website that educates your users and empowers them to become customers.

Overwhelmed? Don't be.

We start with our discovery process to understand your ideal buyer.

We offer content strategy and SEO support services that work.

And of course, we build websites catered with your ideal buyer in mind.

Our Pricing

When done right, a user-first approach to your website will build awareness, generate leads, and most importantly – grow revenue. At 434, we aim to strike a balance between acting as an extension of your team, while still providing our expertise to develop the best strategy to reach your audience.

Build Your Website

We’re here to help you build a website that speaks to your ideal audience. Not sure what’s right for you? Explore more below to price your dream website.
Content Strategy
Technical SEO
CRM Integration
Google Tools Integration
Google Maps API
Plugin Updates

434 Marketing has developed a unique theme using our highly-flexible building blocks you need to display what you have to offer in an interesting and compelling way. This website is a quick-turn website for those clients just starting out with a website, but gives you a baseline with a WordPress site you can build on for years to come! 

Project timeline: 1-2 weeks

*Low monthly payment options available!

Custom-designed from the ground up, 434 will get to know you, your audience, and your core messaging.  During the discovery process we will build a user flow, allowing us to design the optimal user experience to improve time on site and lead conversion points. From there we will craft your website to your brand using our proprietary blocks system, allowing us to layout dynamic pages throughout your site with ease. When the project is complete, we will ensure all your copy has been transported over and your site is ready to go live! Better yet, we make sure your team is able to easily make edits as needed. You’ll love how your custom website is ready for both internal and external interactions!

Project timeline: 2-4 months

Our most in-depth website package is for clients who are in need of a fully custom website with deep integrations to serve their customers. This could be anything from customer portals to ecommerce to content databases — we’ve done them all! Your project might also be considered enterprise if your website is over 100 unique URLs and you’re looking for support transferring this copy into your new website. Our team also consists of some top-notch copywriters and editors We will start with a full-scale discovery to uncover all the complexities of your website overhaul. This research will shape every component of your new site build — from design to copy, delivering a user-focused experience like no other.

Project timeline: 3-6 months

Support Packages

The 434 team can come alongside you to ensure your website is secure, accessible, and updated regularly. Explore below to find the ongoing package that's right for you.
Website Hosting
Security Management
Access to Support Queue
Content & Design Updates
UX Design
Agile Development

Want to dive deeper?

We've got you covered.
Customer Interviews
Customer Interviews

We conduct customer interviews with your real constituents and leverage market research to develop a buyer persona and a strategy to reach your ideal client.

Content Strategy
Content Strategy

Our team will perform a deep dive into your digital presence to determine content opportunities that will drive traffic, educate your buyers, and generate conversions.

User Experience Research
User Experience Research

Glean knowledge of users’ on-site behaviors in order to develop frameworks to guide them along the buyer’s journey to increase self-qualified leads.

User Testing
User Testing

Our team will perform live interviews with real users to allow us to pinpoint potential hangups and identify solutions to ensure users on your site convert.