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At 434 Marketing, we partner with organizations throughout the entire marketing process from research, to strategy, to execution, to analysis. When you engage 434 Marketing, our team advances your communication plan to support your marketing initiatives. Therefore, our prolific company culture strives to both improve relentlessly and accelerate success for our customers. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, Virginia, we value our business relationships within the Central Virginia community and those we serve nationwide and internationally.

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As George Bernard Shaw explained, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” By implementing effective communication strategies, the team at 434 Marketing creates additional and ongoing opportunity for your organization. Our twofold strategy optimizes your market position. First, we identify the communication needs of your organization. Second, we implement those organizational insights. Consequently, we offer several services under research, strategy, marketing and sales support as part of our robust and reliable marketing process.

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Enhancing your marketing strategy starts with the implementation of key industry insights. Accordingly, our expert team has drafted both blogs, videos, and articles in our subsequent areas of excellence. For example, the 434 Friday collection of videos demonstrates scalable marketing lessons for application in all industries. We trust you’ll enjoy this carefully curated collection.

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