70% of B2B buyers in 2022 agreed on one thing: That a vendor’s website and digital sales experience have a huge impact on their purchasing decision.

Over the last decade, B2B companies have been reevaluating marketing strategies to meet buyers online. Since 2020 in particular, there’s been a dramatic shift in sales trends prioritizing virtual channels to generate leads. But are sales and marketing leaders investing in tactics that target today’s B2B buyer? 

Insights from our new, free market report will help your sales and marketing team prioritize work and allocate resources to high-impact strategies — all based on your buyers’ preferences. 

As leaders in market research, web and content marketing, lead generation, and data-driven sales strategy, we conducted this research to help our own clients leverage new trends, but also felt it could benefit other organizations like yours. 

Inside the Free 2023 B2B Market Research Report, you’ll learn about:
  • How Content Influences B2B Purchases
    • What Types of Content You Should Create
    • Must-Have Website Content Sections for B2B Buyers
    • Key Sales Content Driving the Buyer’s Journey
    • Which Types of Video Content to Create
    • Which Resources Guide Prospective Vendor Information Gathering 
    • The Importance of the Digital Buying Experience
  • B2B Buyers’ Challenges After Deciding to Buy

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