Custom Website, Branding, and Content Marketing Strategy

Project Overview

CaseWorthy is a flexible case management SaaS provider designed for human services organizations. In 2020, CaseWorthy’s leadership and CMO wanted to invest in a new brand identity, customer research, custom website, and content marketing strategy.


CaseWorthy website after redesign by 434 Marketing

Our Solution

Research: Our web and content marketing process at 434 Marketing always starts with research. We met with leadership to define the client’s goals, their definition of success, growth plans, and sales challenges. Next, our data analysts examined current digital acquisition channels and competitor visibility to identify market gaps and develop a data-informed content marketing strategy. Our market research team then conducted 15 one-on-one buyer persona interviews with CaseWorthy customers to define key value propositions and the buyer’s journey. We also distributed a consumer survey to validate key insights raised in the qualitative interviews, and to A/B test branding options.

Brand Development: Combining leadership feedback and customer research insights, we developed a brand message guide that included logo usage guidelines, colors, fonts, boilerplate content, brand story, and brand tone.

Content Analysis and Strategy: We initially developed and implemented a 12-month content strategy, but have continued to work with CaseWorthy since 2020 due to our positive performance in driving website traffic and generating high-quality leads. We research keywords, map content, and create a suite of pillar and cluster articles centered around specific high-yield keywords and phrases. 

Custom Web Development: We built a custom, mobile-responsive website for CaseWorthy developed on the WordPress CMS. Designed with an easy-to-modify block system, our client can easily create pages and update custom content within the brand’s guidelines. We provided training for CaseWorthy’s team, set up lead generation automation tools with Active Campaign, and built conversion points throughout the website.

Ongoing Marketing and Consulting: Since the website launch, our client has upgraded their content marketing contract with 434 Marketing. 

CaseWorthy site before redesign by 434 Marketing CaseWorthy site after redesign by 434 Marketing

Project Outcomes

Before we implemented our content strategy and launched the new website, our client’s website received an average of 3,000 visitors per month. Today, monthly unique users have increased five-fold and the website generates on average one high-quality lead per day via organic traffic.

Snapshot of Success Driving Sales
Within a period of just three months in 2022, our content strategy directly led to 186 web conversions that influenced 102 sales deals – reflecting an overall 54% lead to MQL conversion rate.

Two years have passed since we launched CaseWorthy’s brand and website, and we continue to provide content strategy and development, analytics, and marketing consulting services.


Lifetime handshake value from leads generated through the website via other sales tactics


Average monthly leads generated via the website


Average lead to marketing qualified lead conversion rate