At 434 Marketing, we love developing quality websites so businesses and brands can drive traffic and see results.

The internet is a big place, and it gets larger every day. A website has become more than just an optional tool—it’s now practically a necessity for brands that want to stay relevant, let alone get ahead. With millions of websites search engines are designed and routinely updated to help content consumers find the information they need with the most optimal experience. Further, many people choose what businesses they want to buy from based on the quality of their online presence (in less than seven seconds), which means that having a great website is critical.

Many businesses’ websites are confusing to look at, or don’t have a good organizational structure, or don’t immediately tell the customer what they need to know. The less effective the website is in communicating your business’ message as quickly as possible, the more likely a customer is to click the back button and search for something else. However, a good website will do more than just draw in your customers: it will serve as an anchor point for the rest of your web content. A good website must be optimized for Google, and should provide your audience with multiple opportunities to learn about you. When you make it easy for customers to engage with you online, they are far more likely to pick up the phone or send you an email. A good, well-maintained website is the first stepping-stone to leads and conversions.

What exactly is good web design, and how can you navigate the process of building and maintaining a good, working site? Our web development expert is here to talk about it.

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