How much does Content Marketing + SEO cost?

We price Content Marketing and SEO contracts based on units. Our team will recommend how many units per month would be required to best meet your organization’s unique goals. A unit costs $1,375 and represents roughly 16 hours of production.

Our average Content Marketing and SEO client spends 4 Units or $6,875 per month on Content Marketing and SEO with 434. But, this is dependent on the individual needs of each client and where content/SEO fits into their corporate sales strategy. To help you better discern what content marketing might cost you, here are a few example scenarios:

Common B2B Scenarios

Scenario 1: Your sales and marketing strategy demands reaching your target audience by drawing them in through organic traffic, but you lack the internal team to execute this goal.

In this scenario, 434 handles your content marketing and SEO initiatives. Through our extensive research process, we work closely with your sales and marketing team to gain an understanding of your customer. From there, we develop an initial content pitch with a quarter’s worth of unique content ideas to reach your audience. With topic approval from our pitch, 434’s talented production team gets to work––providing much more than “a 500-word blog post.” Once developed, our team executes a promotion strategy to gain initial visibility and high-end backlinks.

Price: 5 Units, or $9,625/mth 

Scenario 2: Your website hasn’t been a core focus, but now is the time to brush up and ensure your web visitors find answers to their questions.

In this scenario, 434 continues to handle your content marketing and SEO initiatives, but the focus is less about traffic growth and more about ensuring your website converts the traffic you do have into leads. With this, we conduct a funnel audit to find content gaps. Then, we work closely with your sales/marketing team to fill those gaps with rich content solely focused on giving your web visitors an incredible experience.

Price: 3 Units, or $4,125/mth

Scenario 3: You have on staff Subject Matter Experts, but lack the SEO expertise to reach your audience.

In a scenario like this, 434 acts as the “bookends” of your content marketing process by conducting upfront research and developing a concise content strategy. Your team will then develop content based on this strategy, using their industry expertise. Once your content is published, 434 will monitor and tweak your content to ensure the highest SEO standards are met to gain traffic.

Price: 2 Units, or $2,750/mth

Not sure if you fit in any of these scenarios?

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