10 years. 350 clients. One incredible journey.

434 Marketing originated with a simple, core research question: how do executives define marketing success? We met with 50 business owners and quickly learned that many leaders view marketing as more of an art than a science. 

At 434, we are an elite team of content creators, market researchers, and web analysts who help our clients achieve their dreams while doing what we love. At our core, we value research and are committed to serving our clients and our community.

Our humble beginnings: bringing a marketing app to market.

Like any good origin story, ours starts with a fresh vision, an ambitious team, and strong coffee. In 2011, 434 began with a small group of software engineers and marketers. We built a community-based mobile marketing app that helped local business owners drive foot-traffic with creative ads, while we aggregated location tracking data to validate ROI on the back-end. 

Phase two: Riding the digital marketing wave

By 2013, we’d evolved into a full-service market research, inbound marketing, media production, branding, advertising, and custom web development agency. Over the next few years, our team size and project pipeline soared. To date, we’ve worked with 350 clients in public and private sectors – ranging from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations – and we are thankful for every minute of this incredible journey. 

Which brings us to today: 434 is laser-focused on B2B content marketing

We love driving revenue for our clients. That’s what energizes our team and keeps us pushing until we see the results we want. That’s why we’ve focused our team’s efforts in driving sales for B2B clients, where we feel we can make the biggest impact with our proprietary research and content marketing approach.

What 10 years of being a top-tier marketing agency has taught us:
  1. Always be closing. A marketer’s job is to grow sales. That’s it. 
  2. Marketers jeopardize their strategy when decisions aren’t backed up by data.
  3. Art can hide problems, but a marketer’s value isn’t measured by aesthetics alone. Everything we create, while elegantly composed, must also drive revenue. See point 1.