At 434 Marketing, we are proud to serve a city as historic as Danville. No matter what our clients need, we are here to help them tell their stories to the people who need to hear them. We have a team of talented, passionate individuals who are experienced in both traditional media (radio, commercials and print ads) and digital media (using data analytics, social media and web ads). We are well versed in marketing strategy, too, so we are happy to come alongside your marketing team and help you determine the next steps. 

We operate in Danville as a full service marketing agency, and are excited to be here. We know there is no “magic bullet” to successful marketing—it takes a whole team of people who are hyper-focused on the goal ahead. We’d love to sit down and create a strategy just for your business. 

What we do

Web Design

A website is the virtual front door for your business, so it's important to make a good first impression. They are how people find you via web search, an extension of your brand, an educational resource and in some cases, a source of revenue. All websites are not created equal, and we'd love to to talk about building a website that will help to set you up for success. We know your audience is going to be searching for you online. The key is making sure your brand is clear when they find you.

Brand Strategy

You need to prove results to your CEO, and you need someone who can help you do that. Our strategy team has spent collective decades learning, creating, analyzing (and sometimes failing) and have found one thing to be true: No business is the same. We don't have a "one size fits all" solution or strategy. We're here to come up with something that truly benefits you and helps you hit your goals.

Content Marketing

The space of marketing is changing faster than ever, and content creation is no exception. The web content that worked in the past is not going to work today, and it won't help people find your business. With algorithms constantly changing, what works now may not be as effective in six months. There is no secret formula to being "first on Google", but by creating authentic, targeted, purposeful and effective content, you will attract customers.


Don't know where to even begin? Need a little bit of everything? For those without a huge budget to hire their own marketing team, you've come to the right place. Our team can be your team for everything from social media, to web content to photography and video, we can do it for you.

What our clients say

Showcasing our work has never been a priority for us for two reasons: For starters, we prefer humility. But secondly, and probably most important, we are fiercely protective of our clients. In many client partnerships, we aren’t just vendors fulfilling a role, we are extensions of their marketing team and are often written into their organizational charts as such. That’s not something we take lightly and it’s a relationship we value to the highest level.

However, we know that it’s important to show our work in order to gain future client trust. So, you’ll be seeing some examples coming soon. In the meantime, hear from some of our clients and why they love working with us:

“If you want business growth and to stake your claim in the marketplace, I would spend my money here rather than anywhere else. That is exactly what we did and we are thrilled with our outcome.  We don’t regret a dime spent with the team at 434 Marketing.  And I look forward to a long road ahead with them.”

Shannon Leedy

Marketing Director at Piedmont Eye Center

“The new Lynchburg Community Market website is everything we had hoped for. Working with 434 Marketing was a genuine pleasure – they understood our vision and took it to the next level. We are so happy with the end result – our new site is a fantastic representation of all that our market has to offer to the community.”

Ashley Kershner

Executive Director at DLA

“434 Marketing has done a fantastic job for us! The campaigns that they have run continually produce fantastic revenue-generating leads. Their marketing and web development skills have been instrumental in creating and growing our brand. As long as we are able we will be working alongside 434 Marketing.”

Nick Liberto

Executive Director at Proven Men

Our work

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