Picture this: You make some spaghetti. (Yum.)

Is it done? There’s only one way to tell. Throw those noodles up on a wall.

Do they stick? No? You done messed up, A-Aron

That’s essentially what it’s like to put together content and design with no real strategy or purpose. No one likes wasted spaghetti and no one likes wasted marketing dollars.

Marketing is all about getting a message out there. It’s about developing a voice within your specific industry that is loud, unique and bold. But more than that, it’s about developing a voice that sticks out and says to your customer audience, “Hey, I know what I’m doing (and I’m awesome). Work with me.”

So how do you make that voice stick? You engage.

At 434 Marketing, everything we do is rooted in research and analysis.

We work to educate ourselves on customer trends, buying habits, color preferences and decision making tactics. Then, that information becomes our arsenal for smart strategy, clever content and brilliant design (we wanted to keep with the alliteration, but ‘delicious design’ didn’t make sense).

Our team firmly believes that research, design and analysis work together to create a truly exceptional product that engages a customer and encourages them to make a decision. We combine intelligent content with design we know will appeal to your audience.

So, say you’re an Italian restaurant that has the best spaghetti in town (yes, we’re back here). We will work to understand exactly who your customer is. How much spaghetti do they eat in a year? What do they look for in a quality spaghetti? Then, we craft a plan that meets them where they’re searching—whether that be billboards and print ads or digital marketing and social media. Once we understand the marketing medium, we’ll create content that is appropriate for that space and your target customer. Then, we will deploy it in a sequence or interval that will guarantee visibility and encourage conversions.