Welcome! As you know, C12 Corporate made a significant brand update. The update included the introduction of new visual assets, like the logo, but it also had refined messaging. 

In light of this, Greg King, the Principal Chair for C12 Virginia Blue Ridge, asked our team to produce a promotional video incorporating visuals of the Virginia Blue Ridge region and Board Members. 

Video is undoubtedly a powerful medium for connecting with prospective Board Members, as it shows the intangible aspects of becoming a C12 Board Member.

With Greg’s permission and support, you have the opportunity to take the video we produced and make it localized to share with prospective members in your region. 

Options and Pricing

Tier 1

Includes modification of the voice-over (e.g., “our city,” “our state,” “region,” etc.) and adding the URL of the local territory. New footage is not included.


Tier 2 

Includes Tier 1, plus stock video replacement of up to 5 location clips that are more reflective of the area the video is serving. (For example, generic city shots could be replaced with recognizable landmarks, buildings, geographic features, etc.) 


Tier 3

Includes Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus a half-day of filming on location at a local group and/or Member business. The on-site footage will be utilized as much as reasonably possible to replace template clips, this typically translates to 9-12 stock/template clips being swapped for customized clips. 


(+ travel expenses)

Get Started

If you are interested in learning more or having a video produced for your C12 Group, please fill out the form below!