You want to grow your business, we want help. But, trust us, magic bullets don’t exist no matter how much that slick sales guy tells you so. (Yes, we tried searching on Amazon. All we got was a blender.)

At 434, we believe in transparency. Not only do we want to share our results with you (even if they weren’t what we were expecting), we want you to value them as well. But results can be misleading, right? What does “we grew your web traffic” really mean? Did that traffic translate into revenue growth for your business?

Effective reporting starts with building a strong foundation to report on and asking you, our client, questions. First, we need to understand your buyer’s journey. Then, we need to understand the revenue and expense metrics around the acquisition of that buyer. From there, we work to understand your core objectives and what part 434 can be held accountable for in achieving those objectives.

The truth is, we LOVE data.

With our Advanced Tracking Program we can granularize to the individual and identify trends that Google Analytics cannot provide (they like aggregation anyways). Armed with that knowledge, we can shift strategies to keep them longer and convert visitors faster.

If you want to waste dollars faster than a drug cartel boat navigating from Cuba to Miami, then throw all measures out the window. And then ask Colin Farrell how fast this boat goes and you’ll get the response of “real fast.” If not, call us.

Not only do we want to understand how our strategies are working for you, but you should want to know, too.

If they don’t work, we don’t throw all that work out the window. We learn from that mistake, adjust, and keep moving forward. Because sometimes, things just don’t work no matter how confident we are in them. We aren’t wizards, after all. (Or are we?) But, that’s how we find the things that do work.