To start, we write the plan down on paper. This creates accountability for us, and a path for your marketing. While it may sound risky, we would rather set goals versus blindly executing projects. So, we build our strategy around your Value Framework. This allows us to leverage key data found in the research process. Then, we can execute on this thoughtful plan. So, if we miss the mark we know it. We know it quickly and we can respond immediately. Also, if we hit your customer’s sweet spot, we can capitalize on that opportunity quickly. With our strategy process, you’ll always be in the loop on what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how each of your campaigns are performing.

Quarterly Strategy Meeting

The key to making sure a strategy is working is to evaluate often and look for places it’s succeeding and places it could be better. We meet both internally and with our clients every quarter to review quarterly playbooks, discuss how we are trending against goals, and offer suggestions to make our plan even better.

Internal Review

Once a quarter we meet internally and self-evaluate how we are doing. We’ll look at the data we have collected, the budget, the amount of work we have completed, and any other necessary factors. From this, we deduce what worked and what didn’t. We use this knowledge to strengthen our plan for the next quarter. During these internal meetings, we’ll also brainstorm collaboratively to  

Client Review

Once we have a plan, we meet with our clients to go over it. We will never ask you to approve our plan until you have had a chance to sit down and go over it with us. These meetings are two-way, if you have an idea or a need we didn’t address, we’ll take it into account and revise our plan accordingly.


Without goals, your marketing is just a bunch of pretty images, catchy videos, and inspiring words. While we love images, videos and words, we also want to make an impact on the marketplace. That’s why we bring the whole team around the strategy and focus all of our work around supporting those initiatives. To learn more about the minds you can collaborate with, visit our team page.