Your Customer, Your Market, Your Business

We generate original insights based on original research. Our team designs experiments to gather information on your specific situation: your customers, your market and your business. Then, our research process helps you become more focused and facilitates strategic decisions. While marketing and sales are the main focus, the insights may benefit other areas such as customer service, support, or product development. Research is the cornerstone of our process because we are problem-solvers. Instead of a transactional relationship where we complete a punch-list of marketing items, we partner with your company to support both your short-term and long-term success. Also, we can consult on a one-time project to lend objectivity.

While the problem may appear obvious to you at first, the details of the problem are usually more complex than initially presented. Sometimes, the first question leads to more questions. Our team is especially skilled at finding an encompassing issue and dividing it into several questions that may need to be answered.

To accomplish this, we look at your overall company goals and the current objectives for your marketing. Much of this looks back to the first question in our Value Framework. Essentially, why are you hiring us?

This guides the focus of our inquiry. Most of the time, our clients want insights into their ideal customer. This allows you to target individuals who are most likely to engage with your brand. However, you may also want to know why a tagline is falling flat or why a specific communication channel is under-performing. All of this must be discussed before the research is conducted to ensure that we are finding answers to your specific concerns.

To answer the question, we must pick an experiment that best suits the inquiry. Often, this is seen in a two-step, mixed-methods approach. First, we conduct qualitative interviews your current customers, targeted to your situation. Then, we conduct a quantitative survey, to verify trends in the data. This approach works well for creating buyer personas. Our experienced and skilled interviewers are careful to avoid confirmation bias and coaching answers. In addition to building buyer personas, we conduct other research as needs.

This includes:
  • Customer Interviews
  • Non-Customer Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Industry Insights
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Messaging Analysis
  • Digital Market Share
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Reports

Based on the problem, we will design an experiment to answer the appropriate questions.

A vital part of the process, collecting data requires a careful, systematic approach. Our team keeps the data organized with a focus on usability at a later date. Any of the data we collect will be available to you after our experiment. However, details about the respondents will be excluded for anonymity. While this is the most straightforward part of the process, it is also the most lengthy part of research.

Objectivity is vital to analyzing the results of data and we are conscious to use a secondary reviewer to verify the results. This means that we prefer to have one person conduct the research and a second individual review the original research to verify the conclusions. Also, as a third-party researcher, we are less biased than an internal marketing or sales team.

Finally, we present the data alongside our recommended next steps. This can be complex, requiring an application of multiple services from 434 Marketing. Or it can be simple, such as a quick adjustment to your messaging strategy. Often, the research indicates needs in other areas, such as sales, service or even product development.

Regardless of the findings, we package the information to facilitate internal distribution of the information. Also, we turn over the raw data for your records. We’re willing to present the findings as needed to support any internal discussions or implementations.

What’s the Point?

So, your marketing team (whether internal or external) may have become accustomed to starting with an internal brainstorm session. We can work with that. We don’t want to stifle your current campaigns or kill creativity. Instead, we want to test those great ideas to ensure you get the perfect secret sauce*. Read Danielle’s story to learn more about why we start with original market research.

(*Unless you need a literal secret sauce. Then, you need a molecular gastronomist.)