One Team to Rule them all

Each person on our team has a story. Through their story, they’ve gained skills in their fields of marketing, design, business, and communication. Each of them was attracted to 434 by different things- the culture, the clients, or the overall experience. Every morning, we wake up excited to use our passions to help clients build their business. Read each bio to learn more about what makes us tick.

Megan Norcross

Marketing Manager

Erika Jackson

Freelance Designer

Harrison Hartzog

Account Coordinator Intern

Shane Fredericks

Graphic Designer

Bethanne Tarpley

Account Coordinator

Cecile Bourgoin

Administrative Professional

Cory Adams

Video Specialist

Andrew Terpay

Design Intern

Leah Jones

Account Coordinator

Joshua Payne

Lead Web Designer

Danielle Verderame

Marketing Director

Dustin Slightham


Jennifer Slightham

Web Account Manager

Creative Minds Wanted

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A Day in the Life

Follow our team's adventures at #434marketing to see our ever changing adventures with clients, Astrochimp, giant yellow notepads, and more!