In 2011, Dustin left his job overseeing a multi-million dollar budget and managing hundreds of employees in favor of starting his first app venture: a localized and analytically-driven digital coupon app called Carrot Saver. His team quickly realized that there was a huge industry need for high quality branding and responsive, custom web designs. This is how Carrot Creates was formed.

Like many start-ups, we started modestly. It began at a kitchen table. Then we graduated to late nights brainstorming and coding at Starbucks before eventually haggling for a shared office space. Then, one day, our hard work started to pay off. We suddenly were able to expand our team from a handful to 14 people, and moved into a large downtown loft. In less than two years, the team at Carrot Creates worked tirelessly to serve over 150 businesses across North America and grew by over 50% in 2015 alone. Now, we are 434 Marketing.


We believe that marketing should be grounded in the truth of your brand. That powerful marketing is not just aesthetic and gimmicky software, but grounded in a story. And, we believe that every business decision you make should be driven by what your customers really want.

OUR Passion

We love to capture your story through research and analytics. From there, we build beautiful websites and purposeful digital marketing strategies that are designed to do one thing: sell your products and services.

THE 434 Team

Each person on our team has a story. Through their story, they’ve gained skills in their fields of marketing, design, business, and communication. Each of them was attracted to 434 by different things- the culture, the clients, or the overall experience. Every morning, we wake up excited to use our passions to help clients build their business. Read each bio to learn more about what makes us tick.

Meet The Team

team working with a client