Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

Since we create campaigns specifically for each client, we also tailor our reporting to evaluate related objectives. We start by discussing your goals using our Value Framework. This allows us to determine how we can best align with your business for success. Then, we measure and report on the most relevant metrics. So, our process requires setting up tracking from the beginning. This allows us to collect the data needed to answer questions about your return on investment. Then, we monitor our marketing and use that data to make changes to everything from campaign messaging to website design. To summarize, setting client-specific goals is just as important as meeting them. If you think of marketing campaigns as a cycle of creation, promotion, and evaluation, analysis is a key skill in understanding the success of your campaigns.

When analytics inform strategy

More than once, we’ve found information during the analysis stage that changes our strategy.

Heatmaps and Tracking

In one example, we set up heatmaps on a landing page to see how users were interacting with the offers. Several offers were presented, but they were having very low conversions rates. To best see how users were responding to the site, we installed a heat map software that would allow us to track how they were getting to the pages, how long they stayed on the page, what buttons were being clicked or not, and what the overall pattern was. We thought maybe something was wrong with how the site was loading, but after reviewing the maps we found that the users were abandoning pages. Because of this, we narrowed down the information people had to look at, and removed things that seemed too generic. The heatmap installation was important for two reasons. If there was an error with how the pages were loading, we could have caught them immediately. Since that wasn’t the case, it allowed us to have access to the way people used the site firsthand, as there is really no other way to collect this data.  

So much more than plugins

If someone summarizes their analysis as logging into Google Analytics, run and hide. You need so much more than a few plugins to track baseline web metrics. Instead, we offer customized reporting focused on your specific initiatives.